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Failures That Can Be Detected

This page provides a basic overview of the types of failures that can be detected by the Commodore Power Monitor. Note that it is not possible to describe all the potential causes of voltage problems, these are simply some likely possibilities.

See the Diagnosing Voltage Warnings page for a description of what action to take in order to discover the specific cause of a voltage warning, and to avoid damage to the computer.

The specific warning/s displayed depends on the type and severity of failure. Remember that if multiple failures are present, this may also cause multiple warnings.

Failure Potential Warnings
Failing, or failed filter capacitor/s in external power supply RIPPLE, 5VDC Low
Failing or failed internal power supply capacitors or other power supply circuitry inside computer, causing excesive load on external power supply (C64 & C128) 9VAC Low
Failing or failed circuitry in external Power supply RIPPLE, 5VDC High, 5VDC Low
Excessive load on PSU caused by computer, or devices connected to it (eg. tape drive), resulting in low supply voltage RIPPLE, 5VDC Low, 9VAC Low
Blown Fuse inside computer or external power supply 5VDC Low, 9VAC Low
Loose or broken connection in external Power Supply, power cable, power plug/socket, or power switch 5VDC Low, 9VAC Low
Overheated external power supply circuitry 5VDC Low

Note that references to the "external power supply" also include the internal 5VDC regulator in early model VIC-20s.


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